Legendary Help For The British Heart Foundation

The Plymouth Brethren Christian Church rallies to help raise much-needed resources for the British Heart Foundation…

The congregation of the Lowestoft Gospel Hall became “Bag-athon” legends in October 2012 according to Mike Taylor, Retail Director of the British Heart Foundation. Led by Eward Tennent, the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church community donated a staggering 2,768 filled bags across the country.

“This has been an amazing achievement.” said Mike. “We would like to thank everyone at the Church who has been involved in making this such a success.”

Across the region, Plymouth Brethren Christian Church member filled bags with their unwanted things (clothes, shoes, books, DVDs, CDs and games) and dropped them off at the BHF on the malls near Argos. Each bag filled equalled bags of money (on average £20 per bag), which equals vital funding for the British Heart Foundation’s life-saving work, so every bag filled made a difference!

Mike went on to say how much the British Heart Foundation appreciated the support of the Church and their ongoing charitable activities, not just for the Foundation but across the wider fund raising community at large. Every single bag filled helps fund their life-saving work and allows them to help even more people living with heart disease.

Edward Tennent was delighted to accept the Certificate Of Appreciation on behalf of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church and went on to say how much the community enjoyed pulling together for such a worthy cause. “We are looking forward to the prospect of participating again in 2013 and seeing how much we can beat this legendary record by next year.”

More information:

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26 thoughts on “Legendary Help For The British Heart Foundation”

  1. fiddlesticks says:

    gr5 work lads,keep it up!!!

    1. granny says:

      Hey you’re on the wrong year – see below for an even greater response this time


  2. Simpleplan says:

    i just saw this page on the bhf website, thats pretty incredible i think. and it looks like they’re doing it again this year, Plymouth brethren have already brought in more than 500 bags.
    i’m impressed.

  3. Ranonymous says:

    We, PBCC in Australia, give to these sort of charities privately, from our businesses or from schools. Someone else may know what the Charity is caled but its a program called ‘Jump Rope For Heart’. Most, if not all, PBCC run schools participate in this each year. Also at the PBCC school i went to they also give to Daffodil Foundation which is for Cancer and of course lots more!

    1. skulkid says:

      Hello ‘Ranonymous’,
      I think the charity that runs ‘Jump Rope 4 Heart’ is just called ‘The Heart Foundation’. I attend a PBCC school in Australia and we raised $10,647.40, which was the 3rd highest in the state!! Considering we have less than 50 student I think this is a pretty good effort!!

    2. GLHC says:

      Our local campus comprising four localities just finished their “Jump Rope 4 Heart” campaign at the same time as many area schools were also doing theirs. The teacher in charge expected around $2000 as the schools she had taught at previously with hundreds of students had done about that much. The students were over the $2000 goal in the first week of the campaign! To the delight of many; the school raised over $11,000.00 for the Heart & Stroke foundation.

    3. Ali says:

      Thats right Skulkid…
      I am a PBCC student from Aussie and we recently did a fundraiser for Jump Rope for Heart. We had a jump off day and had a competition between all the house teams to see who would win. To win this competition we had to have a demonstration with tricks etc.
      It was pretty fun…

  4. Sam says:

    dear JIm,

    yes this year wilton park school is raing funds for the RNLI. We are hoping to raise more than 10000

    1. Mary says:

      That’s brilliant Sam – I’m so sorry to hear about the ‘tragedy’ at Wilton Park School, but I’m sure you won’t let it put you off your fundraising efforts. You are great guys, too great to let wretched newspaper articles drag you down, so stay brave, even if the going is tough for a time….
      Best wishes

  5. Nick says:

    I think this is excellent, keep up the good work team!

  6. Jim says:

    Thanks Admin – you’re doing a great job!
    Out of interest has anyone thought of giving to the brave guys who run our lifeboats?

    (can I paste a picture on here?)

  7. Brad says:

    This is amazing stuff! Great to see the energy of such a young team engaged wholeheartedly with the Plymouth Brethren Chrisitan Church and their dedication to helping people in need.

    1. Jim says:

      Yes Brad – do we know how much they actually raised money-wise?
      Maybe it’s there and I’ve missed it.

    2. Mathematician says:

      Yes Jim, the bags collected was 2768 and each bag is £20 so that makes £55,360!

  8. Nick says:

    Why don’t you do this for other charity groups?

    1. Algy says:

      Hello Nick,
      The PBCC do help other charity groups. Was there some other group you particularly had in mind?
      I guess they chose to help with this because the BHF raised the initiative and the cause is well worthy of support. There are thousands of charities out there that would be glad of any assistance, but it isn’t possible to cover them all!

    2. Trunta says:

      Hello Nick,

      I have just seen this and though that I would share with you of my experience with raising funds (along with two school friends) for an organisation who cares for you wounded soldiers :- BLESMA (British Limless Ex-Servicmans Assosiation).

      Hope this helps.

    3. Linten says:

      We do give to other charities, I am a member of the PBCC and I collect for The Ronald McDonald House charity who provide accomodation for parents and families of seriously ill children. As a family we used this accomodation when my sister was ill and I have been collecting and giving to this charity for over 8 years now.

    4. Polly says:

      In answer to your question Nick, as a member of the brethren we would confirm that we give to many charities. We personally have raised money for the local Air Ambulance following their services to our daughter and we have supported the Ronald McDonald House accomodation for sick children having benefited from their services a number of times when our son was so sick. There would be many more too.

    5. Canadian PBCC says:

      Personally, I donate regularly to the United Nations World Food Program, if that helps answer your question.

    6. :0) says:

      I am a 15 yr old PBCC member and with a few friends and the help of the brethren community we raised £1250 for Cancer Research UK and £515 for Smile Train UK, through 2 10 mile sponsored bike rides.

      Fundraising is a very worthwhile thing to do as it is great fun, you learn the skills of teamwork, and the thanks you get from the charities are so rewarding.

  9. Charles says:

    Fantastic! Have there been any charities assisted in New Zealand?

    1. Editor says:

      Absolutely. Check out on Brethren Assist in Christchurch Earthquake post. Starship Childrens Hospital, NZ Rescue Helicopters, Red Cross have all received significant funding from the Plymouth Brethren Church for years.

    2. NZer says:

      The NZ Plymouth Brethren schools (Westmount) also do a lot of fundraising for charity – Daffidol Day for Cancer Society, Canteeen Day for Canteen and the list goes on!

    3. Interested says:

      Have you got a link for the NZ site?

  10. Lloyd says:


    Another great effort for a worthy cause.

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