Interesting Article – The Advocate Tasmania Figures lend weight to Christian work ethic

Christian Work Ethic - The Advocate Tasmania

Figures lend weight to Christian work ethic

THE Christian work ethic may be a real phenomenon, with Christians having much lower unemployment rates than atheists in Tasmania.

The state’s jobless rate for atheists stood at an eye-watering 10.7 per cent, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics data from the 2011

Of selected religious groups, only Tasmanian Muslims had a higher unemployment rate than the state’s atheists, at 13 per cent.

Rates varied widely among Christian denominations. They were extremely low for Brethren (2 per cent) and people who classified themselves as Reformed Church (2.6 per cent).

Anglicans had an unemployment rate of 5.2 per cent and Catholics 5.6 per cent.

Uniting Church people had a low rate of 4.3 per cent and Presbyterians 4.9 per cent.

Baptists and Pentecostals both had rates of 5.7 per cent, with Jehovah’s Witnesses at 5.8 per cent,
Mormons at 6.7 per cent, Lutherans 6.4 per cent and Salvation Army folk 7.8 per cent.

Tasmanian Hindus had a jobless rate of 8.7 per cent, Buddhists 9.5 per cent and people who described
themselves as having no religion 7.4 per cent.

Tasmania’s biggest two employment sectors are healthcare and social assistance and retail.

That was reflected in the employment patterns of most religious groups.

However, people of several faiths bucked the trend.

Of working Pentecostals, more were employed in education and training than in retail, while Buddhists were strongly represented in accommodation and food services, as were Muslims and

Lutherans were underrepresented in retail and much more likely to be working in education and training, public administration and safety or healthcare and social assistance.

Employment of Brethren was dominated by manufacturing (22.1 per cent), retail and wholesale.

Mormons were most likely to work in the education and training sector.

The figures come from the People of Tasmania report, released by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Page 12 – The Advocate, Friday May 2, 2014

8 thoughts on “Interesting Article – The Advocate Tasmania Figures lend weight to Christian work ethic”

  1. Tommy says:

    That was in May!! Out of date, must be nearer 1.5% by now with FTSE 100 where it is now!! Also pulling out of recession so not long till we get it below 1% mark anyway…

  2. Eric P says:

    When I decided to identify myself with Christianity and own Christ as Lord, I was really making a decision to live my life by a particular set of values. One of these values is a strong work ethic: I must toil to earn, the greater the toil the more will be harvested. It’s not exactly rocket science. The fact that some demographic groups have more than 1 in 10 people out of work begs the question what values they really promote.

  3. DavidM says:

    “Whatever thy hand findeth to do, do with thy might.” is a sure way to find employment because, “I know that it will be well with them that fear God.” If a person sets out to be useful to someone else without asking for a reward, they will soon land a job.

  4. Granny says:


    1. Austin7 says:


      I think we may need to be more careful here. The scripture quoted says ‘would not work’. Some people genuinely want to work, but can’t get employment. In the parable of the eleventh hour workmen in Mathew 20 vs. 1-16, the unemployed men wanted to work, but had not been hired. Once hired, they obviously proved there worth, for the master to paid them as much as the others.
      On a more positive note, the results, of which I sure you are proud of, do speak for themselves. They show one of the many advantages gained by practicing Christianity.

  5. GNH says:

    wow – this is a very interesting article! The figures speak for theselves.

  6. JAKE says:

    Lets get that 2% to Zero!!! We can if we try!

  7. jack sprat says:

    I guess it goes to show……….

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