Interactive Music Event – St Vincent Hospital Sydney

Plymouth Brethren - St Vincent Hospital

St Vincent Hospital Sydney

Recently an interactive music event was hosted by the St Vincent Private Hospital and the St Vincent Public Hospital in Sydney. A small group of Plymouth Brethren from Sydney and surrounding towns performed in the square between the two hospitals. The ‘interactive’ feature of the event was that audience members who could were encouraged to participate.

The Plymouth Brethren arrived with the goal to uplift the moods of the patients who attended and generally brighten the hospital atmosphere with music. The audience of patients were from both the public and private hospitals. The majority were long-term patients, for whom the music event provided a welcome break from the monotony of hospital life.

Plymouth Brethren - St Vincent Hospital


To say the day was a success would be an understatement. People gathered around the grand piano, playing and singing hymns, popular music, and just about anything else requested! Approximately 40 patients were able to attend, and many enthusiastically participated in the performance, proving the truth that music is best shared.

Plymouth Brethren - St Vincent Hospital


The atmosphere of the event uplifted everyone who attended – both patients and the members of the Brethren.  The smile on the faces of so many attendees was a reward in itself to the performers, and patients went away reinvigorated.

The support the Brethren received, and the amount of ‘Thank You’s’ heard, was overwhelming, and enough to inspire anyone.

Plymouth Brethren - St Vincent Hospital

One patient’s comment “I’ve never experienced such a happy atmosphere before; I wish I could stay here with you all” summed up the experience everybody had, and the group of brethren have been encouraged to return. Who knows? This may become a fixture on the hospital calendar!

25 thoughts on “Interactive Music Event – St Vincent Hospital Sydney”

  1. Fred says:

    Please could you lot publish the songs on the web.

  2. Winnie the Pooh says:

    recording PLEEEEEEEEEEEEZE 🙂

    1. Blondie says:

      I AGREE!!!

    2. humpty dumpty says:

      yes i would love one

  3. GO FOR IT says:

    Pleeeeease can we have a recording of the choir on this website?? It seems awesome – I’m sure everyone would love to hear it… old and young alike… singing really brightens up people’s days..!! :):):) GO FOR IT!! :):) It will be VERY MUCH appreciated..!! :):):):)

  4. Nola Elgee says:

    Is there a way a recording could be sold and the funds donated to the hospital for a specific need? We all know our hospitals never have enough funding, and it sounds as if there is a lot of interest in a recording.

  5. SW says:

    yes it would be good

  6. Phillip says:

    wow that’s fantastic guys-keep it up 🙂
    btw a recording would be seriously awesome!!

  7. :) says:

    Good on Ya !!!!!
    If you give your time up doing something for someone else you will be blessed :):)
    KEEP IT UP !!!!!!

  8. zak says:

    Yes please – we would love a recording!!!

  9. Grant says:

    Good on ya guys!!!! Most people aren’t in hospital by choice and what you have done is sure to cheer them up. Keep up the great work!

  10. Hey, yes please can we have a recording – that would be great!

    1. Wollycobbles says:

      Yeah – a recording would be awesome!! If you listen to the recording on the ‘RRT Choir Brightens Elderly Residents’ Day’ blog the choir recording on there is awesome!! If poss. a recording would make all the difference!

  11. cedric says:

    as a PBCC member i know of the awesome work that is done. keep it up:)

    1. calvin (and hobbes) says:

      i’m a pbcc member as well and I sang in nursing homes too in our school

  12. Scout says:


    1. pbcc kiddie!! says:

      hey scout, i completely agree with you!!
      i no who u r and i’m in the same class @ school!! ha got u figured out.
      well done to everyone who was involved…keep it up and a recording would be cool!!!
      pryaing hard.

  13. Beatrix says:

    Please could you put a recording on this website of the event!

  14. BP says:

    Good work you Aussies – keep it up! 🙂

  15. Spud says:

    Yes please to a little taster recording added to this website……

  16. Chuck says:

    Good work! I feel deeply sorry for anyone who is a long term patient – I can imagine that staying in hospital for a long time would be torture.

    So any events like this would brighten things up for all those involved.


  17. Craig says:

    Top Effort chaps, great to see this sort of work going on.
    would not only make the day for a patient, I’m sure the nurses would appreciate it also, and they are probably the least recognised professionals in our society.

  18. Phil says:

    Excellent idea Guys – everybody will applaud any effort to encourage the sick and the nursing staff. Clearly a lot of hard work went into this.
    Well done

  19. Old Boar says:

    I have done a stretch in St Vincent private. Pretty good hospital, but nothing like music and cheery voices to help you through!

    Should be a lot more of this!

  20. Joy says:

    Fantastic! As with the Brisbane event – can we had a video/recording?

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