Hamburg HDL School Bike-A-Thon raises € 1000.00 to support the Hamburg Blind Foundation (HBS)

WE RIDE 4 YOU – was the slogan under which the students of the HDL School Hamburg Campus cycled for charity to support an institution for blind people. The aim of the Bike-A-Thon was to raise as much money as possible for the Hamburg Blind Foundation (HBS).

Plymouth Brethren bikeathon

Enthused team ready for the challenges of the bikeathon

HBS was established in 1830 to enable blind people to acquire education and thus be able to take up a job. Today the Foundation has 120 employees committed to the care, support and counselling of visually impaired people. HBS is also a founder of a boarding school with 200 children who suffer visual impairment.

Plymouth Brethren  Germany

Overview of the cycle route

Helping others generously was our students’ motivation to undertake a sponsored Bike-A-Thon ‘WE RIDE 4 YOU’ in September last year. The bike ride amounted to a total of 310 kilometres shared between 14 students, four teachers and two supporting community members. They started and finished the tour with success and enjoyed the thought of having done a good work. They raised € 1000.00 which they gladly donated towards the HBS foundation.

Plymouth Brethren Germany

Donation of € 1000 warmly received

To complete the whole project the school choir decided to come along to the Blind Foundation and sing two wonderful songs to cheer up the residents of the home and make this event an unforgettable day to all.

Plymouth Brethren

A great applause to the choir for their fantastic performance

The symbolic cheque of a € 1000.00 was handed over by our head students and very gratefully accepted by Mrs. Sturm of the Blind Foundation.

Plymouth Brethren

A humurous chat with the residents

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