Good Samaritans warm firefighters during cold fight

Stonewall family provides sustenance in extreme cold conditions

Plymouth Brethren Canada

A chimney fire engulfs a Selkirk property

Saturday, February 2nd was a typical day in rural Manitoba (Canada) with temperatures at below -30°c, and the wind chill (sometimes called the ‘real feel’) hovering around -40°c. These are conditions that you really don’t want to be outside in but sometimes there is no option and today was one of those days.

Plymouth Brethren Canada

Firefighters battle for control

A call was received by the St. Andrews South Hall with a request to attend to a house fire in Selkirk – a fire had started in the chimney and had quickly spread to the rest of the home.

Plymouth Brethren Canada

The scene from the street

When Arn Grant and his family (all members of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church in Stonewall) saw the firefighters battling with the blaze, they did what could to help – by providing hot coffee and doughnuts for the firefighters. St. Andrews South Fire Chief Ken Peacock was very impressed. “They came by here. They bought us coffee and doughnuts for our guys to warm up. People just don’t understand how huge that is, on a day like this when its -30°c with a wind chill of -40°c and our guys are out here in the cold.” Arn and Sandy Grant and their daughters Wendy and Leah were driving by when they saw the incident and decided to stop and see what they could do to help. Arn said “We’ll stop here and give them a hand. We were just driving by and noticed it was really bad. We just went and picked up some stuff to try and make life a little easier for them.” While the Grant family didn’t want any attention for their good deed, Peacock was thrilled to praise the family. “To have a family show up here and help us, that’s huge for us. I think people like that should be noted in the community,” Peacock said. “That hot cup of coffee was just great. It’s tragic for the family – the house is a complete loss. The occupants are both safe, that’s the main thing. Houses can be replaced. People can’t.”

Plymouth Brethren Canada

The Grant family serve hot refreshments to the firefighters

Plymouth Brethren Canada

Hot refreshments served from the pick up

Plymouth Brethren Canada

The burnt out home

Plymouth Brethren Canada

The Stonewall Teulon


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    shoot its all pretty coola nd all the rest…..

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    Well done,
    gr8 to see you doing it in such extreme weather
    anazing work fire fighters and, of course, the RRT for serving the food

  3. CJW says:

    That service sure takes courage. No excuse for any one else if the Grants can brave that extreme weather to help those doing a service to the community.
    Keep it up.

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    im sure those firefighters would be
    thankful for anything (even half frozen doughnuts)

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