Fires rage out of control in The Barossa Valley, South Australia for 4 days

Fire fighters had been busy for the whole week fighting fires across the state following a heatwave which brought temperatures of over 40C for five days in a row. The fire was huge – over 132 km in circumference and had an out of control fire front of over 11km!

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Fires rage out of control in The Barossa

After a long and exhausting Saturday night, mopping up and working to contain the fire, physically drained fire fighters were only too glad to see the RRT serving fresh ham and cheese toasties.

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Crews lining up to get fed at the Nuriootpa High School Oval

The fire was very difficult to contain as it spanned across 100km, and the wind conditions on Saturday afternoon made containment efforts difficult.

Crews kept on coming back from the front line during the morning, weary and hungry after a long night.

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Fire Crews resting and enjoying Ham and Cheese Toasties

For the CFS volunteers the fires were really taking their toll, after working tirelessly for the past week saving communities and protecting the fire from spreading any further. The RRT present at the Nuriootpa High School Oval commend the whole CFS team and the NSW Fire department who came over to assist, the efforts of the whole team were absolutely incredible.

Crews took to the shade of the RRT tent and soaked up cold water and freshly made beef and salad sandwiches during the morning.

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Exhausted from a long Saturday night, crews were glad to rest and revive

During the morning as fresh crews were heading out to the front line or to mop up areas that were contained, RRT volunteers cleaned windscreens of the trucks heading out.

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RRT volunteer cleaning a CFS truck windscreen as new crews head out to the fire in Eden Valley.

A lot of the trucks had been out in the field since Tuesday and the windscreens were getting fairly grubby! One thankful driver exclaimed “anything would be better than how it is!!”

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Cleaning the windscreen of one of the CFS support vehicles before it heads out with a new crew.

During the morning 260 cheese toasties and fresh sandwiches had been made by the RRT to help assist the Salvos feed the exhausted fire fighters.

At 12.30pm RRT rolled out some fresh beef scotch fillet & porterhouse and prepared to make tasty steak sandwiches for lunch.

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Preparing the lunch

The steak sandwiches were gladly welcomed, some famished fire-fighters who hadn’t had a square meal for 14 hours needed four steak sandwiches.

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Crews getting served steak sandwiches for lunch at the Nuriootpa Oval.

By mid-afternoon RRT had served 250 steak sandwiches, to help assist the Salvos feed the crews returning from the front line, and the new crews heading out for their shift.

Slightly milder weather assisted the fire-fighters in getting the fire contained, and by Sunday afternoon although parts were still burning badly the main fire was getting controlled.

By Sunday evening, RRT had served over 500 toasties, sausages , rolls and sandwiches to help assist the Salvos. 

The effort of the CFS, NSW Fire Service and the Salvation Army was very commendable, and are to be applauded for their tireless commitment to save the communities in the Barossa and Eden Valley devastated by the fire.

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief Team

Helping the team closer to the fire front

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  1. Blinky Bill says:

    Well done!

  2. Ads says:

    Outstanding work you guys…all I can say is KEEP IT UP!!!

  3. Adl Hills says:

    A BIG THANKYOU to all the volunteer firefighters that drove and flew 100s & 100s of km’s from all over SA, and from interstate to save our SA towns (and the Barossa Vineyards!!). Keep it up!

  4. Darren says:

    It is a very enjoyable experience to be part of the RRT and provide refreshments to the exhausted CFS & SES teams. It’s hard to take in the tremendous sacrifice of these crews to save lives and property.

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