Fire Crews Welcome Crucial Water Delivery by Goulburn RRT Tanker


Plymouth Brethren - Glbn Airbase - Water Bomber

Water Bomber

Hundreds of stock lost in Goulburn fires 
It was Friday the 11th January 2013 and fires raged around Goulburn, NSW Australia. The towns of Crookwell, Laggan, Tarlo, Cooma, Yass were surrounded by fire. Hundreds of livestock had already been lost. Many homes and properties were under threat. Hour after hour,  water bombers flew overhead and the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church launched into action.

‘We need water — urgently!’
After discussions with the Regional Fire Command, we quickly established that the Rural Fire Service was in drastic need of support. We were instructed by the service to provide three avenues of relief —
1. water bottles to stranded motorists on the highway
2. cold water supplies to the fire fighters on the frontline, and
3. bulk water supply for their tankers.
Planning took place overnight and the next morning we launched into action.

Plymouth Brethren - Glbn Airbase - Water Bombing Aircraft

7 Water bombers in action
A 21,000 litre water tank on a semi-trailer was positioned in place at Goulburn Air Base. This was to supply bulk water for refilling the aircraft. Each of the 7 water bomber stationed at the air base had a capacity of 3,000 litres of water which was mixed with a fire retardant solution. The water bombers operated with amazing effectiveness and were dispatched one after the other to the fire front as the fire threatened livestock and properties.

Plymouth Brethren - Goulburn RRT Bulk Water

We delivered over 6,000 bottles of water
As the day continued, teams of young Brethren members headed to the hotspots armed with cold water bottle supplies. They were met with great appreciation from the fire-fighters. Water supplies were running low and in Yass, they’d nearly run out completely. Our volunteers were met with hugs and thankfulness from the operators at the relief centres, and we didn’t stop there. We set up barbeques at the Goulburn Airbase and were soon filling hungry stomachs with sausage sandwiches.

Plymouth Brethren - Feeding time 2

No day of rest
Our food must have hit the spot because they asked us to supply bacon and egg rolls for breakfast at the Air-Base on Sunday morning. After breakfast, the fire fighters reloaded for the day with supplies of water bottles provided by the Plymouth Brethren.

Plymouth Brethren - 13.01.2013 L'day Glbn Airbase - More Water

Continued backup 
On at least two occasions over the next few weeks, the Brethren again provided 21,000-litre loads of water at Boorowa and Cowra to help fight the fires. The bulk water supply was placed at strategic locations in the fire zone so that fire fighters could refill their tankers without having to travel outside the zone. The water supplies provided by the Brethren saved the fire-fighters precious time and allowed them to keep doing their courageous job as efficiently as possible.

Plymouth Brethren - 13.01.2013 L'day Breakfast Glbn Airbase - with Airbase Manager

Plymouth Brethren - no-sleep-for-the-pilots_001

Plymouth Brethren - no-sleep-for-the-pilots_002



7 thoughts on “Fire Crews Welcome Crucial Water Delivery by Goulburn RRT Tanker”

  1. Adrian says:

    Just out of interest were there many 21,000 litre loads of water delivered? That is a LOT of water!

    1. Nola Elgee says:

      Is this the same tanker as used in the October 2013 fires Lithgow/Katoomba area, or is there more than one? Where does the tanker get its water from? Kinda scary to realise everything revolves around water. Roll on the day when Australia has a sustainable water scheme in place.

  2. Impressed says:

    You people are people of great resource! Your source is obviously from above. Keep up the good work!

  3. Brendan says:

    A fine effort – there’s nothing like supporting and helping others.

  4. Terry says:

    Well done to the RRT in Goulburn.
    Sounds like your help made all the difference and I have no doubt the motorists were extremely grateful for those bottles of water!
    Keep up the good work!

  5. ginger ale says:

    Excellent job on stepping up so quickly Goulburn!!! You guys definitely deserve a round of applause!!

  6. C says:

    When it’s mid-to high 30s (centigrade), the road is blocked indefinitely by fire, you’re driving the family home from holidays and you thought you brought plently of water just for a short journey(!), things can get on the scary side of uncomfortable. Thanks for keeping the water coming. The tanks helped to ensure the roads were cut as little as possible and the bottles were very welcome.

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