Feeding the firefighters in Tassie


It’s official — December 2012 to February 2013 saw Hobart experience its most extreme summer conditions in recent history. On Wednesday 6 February, temperatures reached a high of 36°C with a strong NE wind. Mid-afternoon, a bushfire started at Molesworth — a small rural township just north of Hobart — and began surging towards the outer suburbs of Hobart.


By next day, the fire was worse. More emergency crews were called in, and it was obvious that an overnight relief effort would be needed. That’s when the Plymouth Brethren’s Rapid Relief Team (RRT) became involved. Two teams were organised, with a 9pm start and a changeover shift at 2am.

Plymouth Brethren - Molesworth Station

Molesworth Fire Station


Molesworth Fire Station was the base. The RRT contacted local supermarkets, IGA’s, bottleshops and more to get essentials and received a fantastic contribution from the stores, much of which was donated. The initial ice, water and soft drinks were followed up by food and the team was able to provide a BBQ, serving hamburgers and sausages in bread to the Tasmania Fire Service, Police and SES crews as they returned to base from their shifts.


It was obvious that this effort was greatly appreciated ­— over 9kg of sausages were consumed within the first 2 hours! 

Plymouth Brethren - Makeshift Kitchen

RRT Makeshift Kitchen


As well as feeding the troops, the team assisted in as many ways as possible, organising vehicle access to supply hydrants and helping refill water trucks. The second shift worked through till 7am. The team was back again the next evening to provide more refreshments and hot food till 2am, when fire crews were finally able to get the blaze under control.

Plymouth Brethren - SES & TFS Crews taking a well deserved break.

SES & TFS Crews taking a well deserved break.


Thankfully, easing weather conditions meant the worst was over. By late Saturday afternoon, the fire was not considered to be a threat any more, fewer fire fighting crews were needed and the team could go home, knowing their work was done and had been very much appreciated.

9 thoughts on “Feeding the firefighters in Tassie”

  1. Aussie says:

    Fantastic effort….

    Must have been hungry 9kg in 2 hours!

    Keep up the generous work…and God Bless you!

  2. Daddo says:

    good job tasies!!

  3. Celcius says:

    Good Work – I like cimimim toast

  4. Holly says:

    Thank you for helping keep everyone boosted up through these difficult times. People must be so encouraged.

  5. chong2 says:

    good on the pbcc [again]

  6. Fred Blogs says:

    Great again guys.

  7. RS says:

    You guys did a great job. We in the SES appreciate it very much. Keep it up!

  8. granny says:

    The PBCC are the same all over the world – wherever they live they have a Rapid Relief Team ready to help out. If you need to cool off after reading this – just watch the video clip on the UK post “The Angels of the A23” !!!!!!!

  9. Sarah says:

    I heard about this from some of my family down in Tassie.
    apparently they had never seen anything like it, with such a willing effort.
    the fire was terrible, and the crew appreciated this very greatly.
    In this day and age we hardly hear stories like this…
    Keep up the good work!

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