Deloraine PBCC Donate to SES

Like many rural State Emergency Service Teams, the SES in Meander Valley is run by a volunteer crew. Ordinary townsfolk who do an extraordinary job, these people unselfishly give up their time and effort to help others in need.  At any hour of day or night these everyday heroes are called upon to help persons, often complete strangers, who have been injured in accidents on Tasmanian roads.

Keen to support the SES team and acknowledge what they do, the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church congregation in Deloraine decided to help out with a practical donation.

At the top of the Meander Valley SES team’s wish-list was a “Combination Tool”, (also known as Jaws of Life): a cutter-spreader appliance that significantly speeds up the time it takes to rescue trapped car-accident victims.  The SES team had about half of the funds needed; but still required approximately $4500.00.

Plymouth Brethren - SC350

Combination Tool (Jaws of Life), a valued asset in any emergency rescue

The outstanding response to this need proves how much gratitude the local community has for their SES! Funds were donated by individuals in the congregation, over a number of weeks, and on Saturday April 20th, 2013, the PBCC in Deloraine was delighted to present a $5000.00 cheque to the Meander Valley SES, to facilitate the purchase of a new Combination Tool.

Concluding words of the PBCC representative at the presentation of the gift summed up the feelings of the community well:

“I would have to say the SES teams really are an inspiration to the wider community, with the time, the training, the effort, the dedication, the discipline, the committal, the self-sacrifice that goes into your work; giving up your time and risking your lives for others in distress, putting your own priorities and programs on hold at a moment’s notice to help persons, often complete strangers, in trouble and turmoil.

This giving and self-sacrifice is actually essence and principle of Christianity, Jesus is the Supreme Giver; and this gift is from the Plymouth Brethren community to say that we notice, we appreciate, we care and we are very thankful to you.”

The SES responded by inviting anyone interested to attend a practice, to view the Jaws of Life in action. Deloraine PBCC members are looking forward to taking this offer up in the near future!

Plymouth Brethren - Deloraine Presentation

Presentation to SES Meander Valley Unit Manager

Plymouth Brethren - SES Appreciation.

SES Appreciation


15 thoughts on “Deloraine PBCC Donate to SES”

  1. Nola Elgee says:

    Do you mean the Volunteers from the SES raised the first half? On top of all the unpaid work they already do? I wonder how much of their existing equipment they have had to do this for? Anybody know what funding they do get?

  2. Mr Bean says:

    Could someone give me some more info on these cutters? I’m one of those forgetful sorts and always leave my keys inside the car. I think If I could carry one of these around with me then if I leave my keys in the car – hey presto out comes the cutter-spreader.

    1. Andy says:

      Yep, great idea – just don’t keep the cutters in the car boot………………….

    2. Anon says:

      Possibly cheaper to buy a soft-top and a pair of scissors!
      Good work anyway… the SES are an very valuable and under-funded service, especially in rural areas.

  3. Frizzy says:

    typical unselfish attitudes. thanks PBCC

  4. B says:

    Very generous! Well done Deloraine Brethren, SES will value that!

  5. Me says:

    Brill work happening here.

  6. Alex says:

    Very encouraging to see.
    It is amazing that such a small, remote community can reach out into the needs of the public in the same way that PBCC members do in larger cities. I’m sure the Rapid Relief Team will be valued in Deloraine in time of an emergency, and those ‘jaws of life’ will be most beneficial to the SES.

    Keep up the excellent work Deloraine Brethren!!!

  7. Cinomin (cant spell) says:

    good work (from cant spell)

  8. granny says:

    We little realise in the UK how fortunate we are, because I reckon every fire and rescue team would have one of these without having to raise the money for it.
    I hope your SES team never have to use it!!! (But thankful they have it, because it could be needed at any moment)
    Well done to all involved, and to those who raised the first half of the money, and of course to the SES team themselves for their very valuable work in your area.

  9. Upbeat says:

    This is a valuable donation towards the cost of those ‘jaws’!
    I have seen these machines in action and they literally do save lives!
    They are incredible pieces of equipment and the rescuers can have a car roof off within a very short space of time thus preventing any further injury to those inside the crashed vehicle.

  10. says:

    Wow – If I read this post correctly the PBCC members gave this money from their own pockets. Genuine charity is giving your own money away. Well done – I wish there were more like you. Sincere Thanks.

    1. licorice says:

      Its seems any money the PBCC give is out of their own pockets!!
      One definition of charity is ‘generosity and helpfulness especially toward the needy or suffering’. This is definitely charity..

  11. They are always thinking of good things to do for the public and there is a massive benefit from it!!
    “for it is better to give than to receive”

    1. Postman Pat's (cat) says:


      Are you from the UK Ronald McDonald charity?

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