Deloraine Hall Tasmania – Team Work, Hard Work, Hall Work..

In October 2013 the first soil was turned at the site of the Deloraine Gospel Hall Project (DGHP). This project commenced to provide a new meeting hall for the Plymouth Brethren in Deloraine. 200km north of Hobart, Deloraine is a small Tasmanian town where 118 PBCC members currently live.

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The town’s original Plymouth Brethren church hall dates back to the 1960’s. The congregration have increased over the years, and outgrown the hall. A larger, modernized meeting room has been long awaited by the Deloraine Brethren.

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The local Plymouth Brethren have been participating in the construction of the new Gospel Hall with enthusiasm. With a range of tasks including earthmoving, concreting, bricklaying, airconditioning, plumbing, roofing, wiring, fencing, landscaping and glazing, there is something for every volunteer to do. Additionally, those who are not involved in the manual work catering for and serve the workers’ meals.

Plymouth Brethren Deloraine Hall

Younger volunteers view the Project as an opportunity to broaden their knowledge, and work productively while having fun. They are learning techniques from skilled tradespeople and gaining experience. The level of input from volunteers from all around Australia and New Zealand has been remarkable. Hundreds of people have volunteered to help with the work. The spirit of teamwork and camaraderie that characterizes the whole project is uplifting to see.  As one contractor was overheard to remark on-site “It’s a great idea.  They can get together and do something useful, have fun and catch up with their mates”.

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The wider community of the Deloraine Township much appreciates the activity. The economic flow-on is noticeable in the small rural region, with the PBCC sourcing much of the materials and services locally. Happy to fulfill the services, the townspeople welcome the construction. The local PBCC members look forward to the visits of the neighbours and townsfolk, who are almost as keen to see the finished result as they themselves are.

Plymouth Brethren Deloraine Hall

Others from around Tasmania, (and the PBCC around the world) are looking forward to visiting the hall for meetings. All will be pleased to know the targeted completion date is late 2014 – the finish line is not far away!

Plymouth Brethren Deloraine Hall

Plymouth Brethren Deloraine Hall

9 thoughts on “Deloraine Hall Tasmania – Team Work, Hard Work, Hall Work..”

  1. kate says:

    good job every1 – it looks awesome!!

  2. flowerpot says:

    hey wow!
    we’ve been waiting for one for years….got planning just need sum extra dosh!
    wish this was ours…looks top speck!
    well dun 4 the hard work n’ dedication!

  3. Chris Wright says:

    Great work Deloraine. We well remember the building of our 9 row hall in Ipswich Qld, finished in 2010. It is a very very good facility, and we are only 132 here but the Council and the sewer rating entity QUU wants to charge over $500pa per toilet and pedestal which is a total of more than $24000 pa. we r having a battle to get it reduced. Just a word of warning.
    All the best.

    1. CJ says:

      Man alive! You could say that’s a bit more than ‘paying a penny’…….! Keep a look out Deloraine!

  4. RaM says:

    Fantastic, would like to come and see it one day!

  5. meme says:

    great well done I am a happy bunny
    this has made my day
    c u l8er

  6. dude says:

    some stuff what a lot of work keep it up guys .

    ps:nice food

  7. penny says:

    All the best to you – we enjoyed doing our meeting hall which was a non standard project and it has now been in use here in Loughborough UK for almost 2 years. You will be glad of all that hard work!

  8. Moi:) says:

    Awesome work everyone – the brothers who built and the sisters who cooked!
    Looks super smart 😉

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