Dalwallinu Truck Accident

When a truck carrying a load of large pipes rolled over in a severe accident in the small country town of Dalwallinu, Western Australia, the Brethren were quick to arrive at the scene and render assistance.

Plymouth Brethren - Emergency crews arrive

Emergency Crews Arrive

During the night on Monday 8th of April 2013, the truck lost control on a corner of the highway and rolled upside down, crushing the cab down to the level of the engine bay and imprisoning the injured driver inside.

Members of the Brethren who lived nearby were the first on the scene. Realising that the driver was trapped inside and likely to be seriously hurt, they attempted to open the cab to reach him. The damage to the truck was so severe that they weren’t able to, so they talked with him to encourage him and to establish, while he was still conscious, that he was the only occupant. Meanwhile others got busy with other tasks while waiting for emergency crews.

As more people arrived, members of the brethren set up a generator and lighting equipment to illuminate the area, as they directed traffic away from the accident.

As smoke was coming from the engine and diesel leaking from the fuel tanks, they cut the power cables from the batteries and pumped the leaking diesel fuel into a tank they provided, to prevent a fire.

It took almost two hours for emergency crews to free the driver, who was bleeding and had back injuries. About fifteen volunteer fire-fighters and ambulance officers, as well as police officers and the local doctor, attended the incident and rendered their professional assistance.

During this time, some Brethren brought earthmoving equipment to block an underground water pipe that had been damaged during the accident. Water had been running through an open drain under the truck, so this prevented the diesel contaminated water from spreading.  Another member of the Brethren brought food and refreshments for the emergency services.

Plymouth Brethren - The Truck

The Truck the Following Day

Once the crew had cut the door away, the driver was transferred to a waiting helicopter and taken 250km south to a hospital in Perth.

Plymouth Brethren - The crushed cab

The Crushed Cab

The next day, some members of the brethren used their earthmoving equipment to help the transport company turn the truck back onto its wheels to be taken away. They also loaded the debris and remnants of the load onto other trucks.

Plymouth Brethren - The truck being taken away

The Truck Being Taken Away

Fire and emergency services crew were grateful for the assistance by the Brethren, with one saying “The food and drink provided by the brethren was much appreciated – we’ve never had anything like this before.” Another said  “I think I put on weight last night at the accident, the food provided by the Brethren was good. Staff from the transport company were also appreciative, saying “The young guy with the front end loader who helped us was fantastic, I don’t know how we would have done it without him.

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  1. GREAT WORK says:

    the brethren seemed to be able to provide anything that was needed at this accident! everything from food & drinks to earthmoving equipment!

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    u guys are great!!!!!!!!….what u call a true Christian spirit!!

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    u guys rock!!!!!…………………

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    this is true aussie service & spirit………..love your work & atitude

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    Brethren r the best!! The world would not b without u guys!!

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      Wow that’s one comment that makes me happy!! 🙂
      Thanks You; people like you make the world smile!

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    go u good thing! great work guys! lovely work! unbeleivable support keep it up!

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    ‘The eyes of Jehovah are in every place, beholding the evil and the good’. Proverbs 15 vs 3

  9. billy says:

    Great work guys!! This generous spirit doesn’t go unnoticed. The outlook of the PBCC is extremely caring and generous0with no expectation of reward.

  10. Impressed says:

    Great work guys! Excellent to see how you jumped in so quick and helped. You helped save the driver’s life. Your community seem to have a great and willing spirit! Keep up the good work! This world needs more of you.

    1. Nola Elgee says:

      Does anyone know how the driver is? I notice it is mentioned he had back injuries. How severe where they?

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    Awesome work PBCC!

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    What a terrible accident but amazing to see the PBCC in action.
    Great work guys – it is very much appreciated!

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    Keep up the great work guys – great to see the “good Samaritan” spirit working practically in a small, rural community – I’m sure the locals would have appreciated all you did.

    1. Big Ears says:

      Good Work

  14. Charles says:

    Wow – these helpers are sure ingenius – from earth moving equipment to food and refreshments, these guys seem to provide whatever is needed in a crisis – keep up the great work, it is appreciated and doesn’t go unnoticed!

  15. Stephen says:

    Wow! another awesome effort by the Brethren. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

  16. Russell says:

    Incredible, but very typical of these people, they always seem to be going out of their way to help someone…

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    Incredible this driver got out alive and amazing he was able to get this level of help from the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church in a small place like Dalwallinu!! Keep up the great work!

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    Great job guys!
    Hope the driver is OK….

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    A small community with a big heart!

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