Cornerstone Melbourne 20/11/14

Dandenong is a suburb of Melbourne, located approximately 30 kilometres southeast of the city centre. It is a highly multicultural city with around half of its residents born overseas and representing a diverse range of ethnic groups, including large populations of resettled refugees. Data released by The Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that Greater Dandenong also has the highest number of people experiencing homelessness in Victoria.

RRT set up in the car park to serve breakfast

RRT set up in the car park to serve breakfast.

RRT is pleased to be able to support such a vitally needed organisation as Cornerstone.  On 20th November 2014 the RRT was honoured to take the responsibility for providing an additional Thursday breakfast for Cornerstone patrons.

The band set up in the old hall.

The band set up in the old hall.

Ready to roll

Ready to roll

Everyone there had a good time!

Everyone there had a good time!

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