CA – London MS Society Bike Ride

On July 23, 2016, as riders began another bike ride from Grand Bend to London, ON the Rapid Relief Team assisted the MS Team in London with setting up the finish line for later that day. The keen RRT volunteers started by assembling tents, tables, cutting fruit, preparing sandwich wraps, filling coolers of water & […]

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Plymouth Brethren’s Rapid Relief Team cooks breakfast and lunch to raise money for Starlight foundation

More than two dozen volunteers from the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church’s charitable arm, the Rapid Relief Team, joined with the Church’s most senior leader Mr Bruce Hales to man BBQ’s to cook sausages and burgers to raise funds for the Starlight Children’s Foundation’s National Starlight Day. RRT National Co-ordinator, Mr Daniel Alderton, said Mr Hales’ […]

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Interesting Article – The Advocate Tasmania Figures lend weight to Christian work ethic

Figures lend weight to Christian work ethic By SEAN FORD THE Christian work ethic may be a real phenomenon, with Christians having much lower unemployment rates than atheists in Tasmania. The state’s jobless rate for atheists stood at an eye-watering 10.7 per cent, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics data from the 2011 census. Of selected religious groups, only Tasmanian Muslims […]

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The Importance of Marriage

The subject  of  marriage  is of  immense  importance   to Brethren  as  divinely instituted  and regulated  by the authority  of God’s word contained  in the Holy Bible.  See Mark chapter 10 verses 6-8:  “But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female.  For this cause a man shall leave his father and […]

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New Burnie Meeting Hall an Asset of The Town

In March of this year, the Burnie Plymouth Brethren church invited members from all over the world for a special meeting. When they arrived, the visitors were introduced to a new meeting hall. Burnie is a small community in northwest Tasmania where Plymouth Brethren have lived for many years. Townspeople are familiar with the sound […]

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Deloraine PBCC Donate to SES

Like many rural State Emergency Service Teams, the SES in Meander Valley is run by a volunteer crew. Ordinary townsfolk who do an extraordinary job, these people unselfishly give up their time and effort to help others in need.  At any hour of day or night these everyday heroes are called upon to help persons, […]

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