Caribbean RRT Support Fire Department Twice in 1 Month

Did you know the Rapid Relief Team (RRT) are also active in their support of emergency services in Barbados?

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief Team Barbados

Fire erupts at Oldbury

On Friday 15th March, a major fire started at a warehouse complex at Oldbury, St Philip, at approximately 6:00pm. Β 

Plymouth Brethren - RRT Babados

Feeding firefighters and volunteers at Oldbury fire

Fire crews from Bridgetown, Weston and Arch Hall were called in to fight the blaze, and as they did, the RRT swung into action, setting up tents and tables to provide welcome refreshment to all the emergency workers in the form of snacks, water and energy drinks.

The fire was not quickly put out, and as the firefighters continued the battle the RRT continued their around the clock support. While the fire burned over the weekend the fire fighters enjoyed the meals provided free of charge to them. They also appreciated the continuous supply of drinks and snacks.

Unfortunately, 9 of the 12 warehouses which caught fire were completely destroyed, and the fire was only completely extinguished by the evening of Sunday 17th March 2013.

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid relief TEam Babados

Fireman check the ruins

The RRT received thanks from all the members of the emergency services and the Fire Chief conveyed his thanks: β€œWhat you guys have done has blown us away!Β  We look forward to your further support.”

Plymouth Brethren - RRT Babados

Firemen take a break for refreshment at Oldbury fire

It was only a week later, Monday the 25th of March that a second major fire occurred in Barbados. Just before mid-day a recycling complex at Cane Garden, St Thomas, went up in flames. The dense billowing smoke in the region meant that many residents, businesses and schools downwind from the recycling complex had to be evacuated. The Department of Emergency Management (DEM) had all agencies on alert including nearby health care institutions for possible asthma attacks etc.

Plymouth Brethren - RRT Barbados

Feeding firefighters at Cane Garden fire

The blaze, which was fueled by old cars and tyres yet to be recycled, raged on for 12 hours. As this was not a conventional fire, the fire department commissioned trucks from a nearby construction firm to supply topsoil to be used to smother the fire. The fire fighters would then proceed to cool the mud with water.

Plymouth Brethren - Rapid Relief TEam  Barbados

Fueled by wrecked cars and tyres

Plymouth Brethren - RRT Barbados

RRT set up close to the action at the Cane Garden fire

Again, the RRT attended the firefighting base and set up tents and tables with snacks and drinks to keep the energy levels of the fire fighters up. As the night fell, the RRT also provided meals to the emergency services people. The team of fire fighters welcomed their support, which continued through the night, and a letter of thanks from the fire department has encouraged the team to continue their support when the need arises.

Plymouth Brethren - RRT Babados

Food or snacks were available from the RRTat the Cane Garden fire

Plymouth Brethren - RRT Babados

Thank you letter to PBCC – Barbados


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  1. Little red riding hood says:

    Well done – this is soooo good, what would they have done without you??

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    i love you rrt teams you are so helpful thanks sosososoosososososossososos much………………………………………………………………………………………..:)

  3. Flying kiwi says:

    Awesome. For any young people reading this blog, check out this link below

    1. AND says:

      That is an amazing preaching! Especially for those of us that are young and being in year 12, giving our all in our last days of school. Any young person, or elder, READ THIS, so much to go in for!!

  4. New Year says:

    ……….happy days……….good global spirit !!

    well done team

  5. NahtooBig!! says:

    Excellent!!! Great to be involved in the universal effort and giving spirit. RRT is up and sprinting. Ever forward, guys!!! Always there for everyone with God’s help!

  6. Lannia says:

    Great Job Barbados!!

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  8. Awesome says:

    That’s awesome Barbados! Keep up the good work! Can’t wait until we get a RRT started in our place πŸ™‚

    1. frogo says:

      where are you from?

  9. Nola Elgee says:

    How many brethren are there that would be able to be involved in the RRT in Barbados? It must involve a big sacrifice. Interested to know what the food is in the last photo?

    1. Swordfish says:

      We are around 450 brethren here on Barbados, and we try to include as many as possible… The food and snacks on the last picture were cereal bars, peanuts, cookies and the yellow and orange wrapped ones are “Rotis”. It is a wrap with curried meat (chicken or beef) and potato inside. These are from our local fast-food called “Chefette”. It was their contribution to the RRT. Hope it helps.

  10. Adrian says:

    Excellent Work! Great to see RRT coming to the rescue all over the globe!

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      Fully agree Adrian πŸ™‚

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    BARBADOS!!!! πŸ™‚

  12. Geegee says:

    RRT is the same the world over. Well done Barbados!

  13. Royston says:

    Well done! This demonstrates the RRT is truely global, and will come into action worldwide irrespective of colour, race or religeon

  14. RC says:

    Excellent to see the RRT in action in yet another country! Showing the true spirit of Christianity every time – it won’t go unnoticed.

  15. ZooKeeper says:

    Amazing work!! The firefighters must have really appreciated a constant supply of refreshment when working in the heat of the day. As the Chief Fire Marshal says, these services are invaluable to the community.

  16. Karlosal says:

    way to go!!!

    may as well start off great and get better!!!!

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    This is a wonderful sacrifice of time and resources. Congratulations to the RRT team in the carribean!

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