Cahills Fire Blue Mountains NSW

Saturday 1 November 2014, was a warm sunny morning, a total fire ban had been declared, around 8am, a fire was reported near Cahill’s lookout in the Blue Mountains. The local fire service responded quickly, helicopters were called in and commenced water bombing. The fire was declared out and crews stood down by mid-morning.

Ichabod the sky crane

Ichabod the sky crane

By 4:00pm strong winds reignited the fire to emergency levels…… Continue to read..

Fire Commisioner Mr Fitzsimmons joins the crews

Fire Commisioner Mr Fitzsimmons joins the crews

Rapid Relief Team

Fire crews are fed through the night

Katoomba RRT Bushfires November ’14

7 thoughts on “Cahills Fire Blue Mountains NSW”

  1. Llew says:

    Any steak left over???

  2. biggles says:

    good one KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Becca says:

    Tremendous effort and sacrifice. I’m sure all those fire fighters would’ve appreciated the delicious, hot meal.

  4. JDEMB says:

    Well done folks, your getting very professional at it, we admire you from the UK.

  5. BH Calcutta says:

    I say my dear chaps – been to Cahills Look-Out myself one holiday – didn’t have time for a hot meal though (slurp) – well done those that did made time to care for others

  6. Charlotte says:

    RRT excels at catering for others in need once again!

  7. LittleMiss says:

    Good work, KEEP IT UP!!!!!

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