Brethren swing into action for bushfire clean up

Brethren swing into action for bushfire clean up

Bushfire in Western Australia 2012

Searing heat, strong gusting winds, tinder dry fuel and fire. The dreaded combination for an Australian bushfire.

When devastating bushfires hit the Western Australian region of Kelmscott and Roleystone on Sunday 6th February 2011 they left behind a trail of destruction and despair.

Not only were 71 homes destroyed and 431 hectares burnt out but the enormous clean up task left behind was almost too much for some to face.

This was when the local Plymouth Brethren community rallied the troops and pulled together some work groups made up of local Brethren members aged from 18 – 80! This entirely volunteer group worked tirelessly in close co-ordination with the local authorities to provide assistance to local residents who desperately needed a hand to get back on their feet.

To facilitate the execution of the project, private land was given up by volunteer members to store plant/equipment and any excess fire affected green waste. A clear concise plan of action was developed in conjunction with the land owners by carrying out visits to mark the items for disposal.

Working closely alongside the relevant departments and authorities including FESA, Volunteering WA and the Armadale City Council, extensive ground was covered in a very compressed period of time. Approx. 1000 additional hours were put in by Brethren community members supplying sustenance and coordination to the work groups.

An approx. cost of the cleanup operation was calculated in excess of $70,000.

Plymouth Brethren using equipment to clean up after Western Australian Bushfire

Equipment owned and used by Brethren members in the clean-up

  • 2  x 14 Tonne  Tipper Trucks
  • 1 x  7 Tonne Excavator
  • 1x D3 Bulldozer
  • 1x Delivery Truck for heavy equipment
  • 2 x Bobcat skid steer loaders
  • 8 x Utilities and trailers

Letter from grateful resident

3 thoughts on “Brethren swing into action for bushfire clean up”

  1. fred says:

    what a grin
    an 80 year old! many hearty congrats to them and 3 cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    keep a grin above the chin

  2. ABC123 says:

    What a bunch of LEGENDS!!
    Even an 80yr old out helping!! You would think sitting at home with a cup of tea would be more attractive but this is the work that they do.

  3. Kevin says:

    thanks brethren. your work and underlying commitment to our nation is greatly valued. God Bless.

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