Brethren and the Use of Computers the Facts

Plymouth Brethren Rules and the Use of Computers

A lot of people think the Plymouth Brethren are dead against computers, which isn’t true at all. In actual fact you will hardly find a Brethren business or home without computers.

What they are really against is pornography, so they only use computers and cell phones that have restricted internet access and this is so that their young people will be protected from online porn.

Porn is incredibly powerful and obsessive and one 16 year old described it as “like a parasite sucking away the rest of your life”.

Remember it takes only one or two clicks to get on to porn sites which may include hardline and violent porn with images which could scar a young person’s memory for life. And these may even be accessed by mistake.

The Brethren aren’t the only ones concerned to protect young people. Just look at these numbers:

  • 66% of parents are concerned about what a child may access on the internet and sexually explicit material is top of the list (OFCOM)
  • There are an estimated 250,000,000 pages of porn on the internet
  • 25% of all search engine requests are porn related
  • Internet porn generates an estimated $12 billion a year revenue

Can anyone really blame Brethren parents and employers for restricting online access to protect their children and young employees from harm?

Plymouth Brethren business computer

64 thoughts on “Brethren and the Use of Computers the Facts”

  1. Mary says:

    The problem with unrestricted access isn’t just about porn, there’s other stuff out there that is harmful, too. For example, there are websites where people suffering from eating disorders actively encourage other sufferers in their disorders. These websites are meant to be banned but they find a way round it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Blondie
    I agree with you totally, the amount of defiling rubbish there is on the internet, I find it much more worthwhile reading the Bible(at least you know it’s true) and doing things for others.

  3. I feel totally safe with the access I have to the interent as a PB teen. I mean, the internet is just full of filth, rubbish, junk, horror, violence, and is utterly defiling. What a waste of time – sitting, glued to a screena all day. I have better things to be doing!!

  4. I couldn’t feel safer with restricted access to the internet. These days, its full of utter trash, rubbish, filth and defilement. What a waste of time! I have better things to be doing other than being glued to a screen every day of my life.

  5. Me says:

    I am a 60 yr. old PBCC member and I am very thankful for not having full internet access – doesn’t only apply to young people (which I agree are the most important!)

  6. Anonymus says:

    Sadly, LJT, this happens to most people and thhey become addicted to immoral corrupt pictures and so on. i personaly have been sucked into this sort of thing, and it has taken over 4 yrs to get out of it. it is a terrible bane to our society.

  7. LJT says:

    this is all very interesting. i am a PB teen and in the past have gotten into some unsuitable sites(not on a PB computer i might add). now that i look back on it i really wish i had never done it. with the safety we have these days it really helps keep me out of trouble.

  8. A Person says:

    When you look at today’s society, and in particular young people, in my view, technology such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and other social networking sites are definitely causing insularism and detachment from reality. Sure, they were very clever entrepreneurially, still are even, and I’m sure they have united and connected thousands if not millions of people. But how pitiful and absurd is kids’ addictions to making virtual friends?! “How many mates do you have?”…”Oh, about 60….online, that is…”…”GET OUT AND KEEP IT REAL!”

    And these sites affect people’s choices – reseachers have shown that Facebook, for example, has one of the greatest impacts on purchase and cultural choices in the history of mankind, just as one example!….why should the Brethren let their children become part of the borgeouis, affected part of society, unable to make their own decisions without telling the world about it? I certainly wouldn’t want my kids (if I ever have any) to behave like that.

    And who really trust those websites with all the sick creeps out there these days…more research by police and sociology/psychology researchers has shown that 73% of victims targeted by sexual predators in the last 5 years were between 12 and 15 years old, and 33% of those were approached through internet sites….and 77% of teens in the UK have said they have been approached at some point by strangers online…these sites have become stamping grounds for pedophiles and cyberbulling that has resulted in tragedies.

    And speaking of the perverse, you can see the data above on this website about online porn sites.

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