Blue Mountains Abseiler Rescue

Plymouth Brethren - Sublime Point Leura

Sublime Point Leura NSW

Sublime Point, Leura is up in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. As the name suggests, it commands stunning views and over the years has become a popular spot for abseiling. On Sunday 14th April, however, it wasn’t so sublime for one abseiler who’d got himself into quite a bit of trouble. He’d fallen approximately 15m, hit the cliff face and broke both his ankles.

Plymouth Brethren - Sublime Point Cliffs

Sublime Point Cliffs

In critical condition

It was quite a complicated rescue operation and involved about a dozen emergency and rescue vehicle crews plus 2 helicopter crews as well. The accident happened about noon and it wasn’t till late afternoon that the abseiler had been airlifted to Westmead hospital in a critical condition. By this time, it was getting dark and they still had to bring out the rescue crew and pack all the gear up. Everyone was exhausted.

Plymouth Brethren

Sublime Views

It was about this time that we came along. We’d been enjoying a quiet Sunday roast at home when we heard sirens and choppers. Hours later, we could still hear them, so we decided to drive down and see what was all the noise was about. When we came across the scene and found out what was happening, we asked if they needed assistance with some refreshments to be ready for when they got the rescue crew out. The police superintendent looking after the operation readily agreed.

Calling for backup

So we raced off and called up our own backup team. We needed hot water, coffee, milk, sugar, mugs, muffins, biscuits, snacks, soft drinks and bottled water. We got back within about 45 minutes and set everything up on a table we’d also brought with us — voila!

Plymouth Brethren - RRT at Leura

Katoomba RRT

By this time the whole rescue team were all back out of the valley safely, and they wondered where on earth we’d sprung from! We explained that we were part of the local Rapid Relief Team and that this is what we do — help out in situations like this.

As the police officer explained, the rescue crew are often exhausted, and it gets very cold hanging off a cliff for hours during the rescue operation but even once they’re out, there’s still work to do — getting their rescue gear all sorted and packed ready to go before they can leave.

Plymouth Brethren - Views from Sublime Point

Views from Sublime Point

 The two Police Rescue chaps who’d done all the hard yakka rescuing the abseiler hadn’t had any lunch and by this time it was about 7pm, dark  and getting  really cold. They, in particular, were extremely grateful for the refreshments and they even dropped hints that they’d like to see us next time!

10 thoughts on “Blue Mountains Abseiler Rescue”

  1. celery says:

    good on u guys!!!!
    keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. SJ says:

    Saw article in a paper about a Plymouth Bretheren rescuing a drowning person in New Zealand. He could have drowned himself . They are such unselfish people.

    1. okyeah. says:

      yeah, there was also an situation, a month or so back where a PBCC boy from Seattle did the same, rescued a drowning person at much risk to his own life.

  3. Holly says:

    WOW, What a Christian way to spend your Sunday evening!
    Well Done. you will get your reward someday.

  4. Anonymous says:

    We live just a few hundred meters from Sublime Point and was most interested to see this article on the blog. We knew about the rescue effort on the go, but had no appreciation of the fact there were rescuers roughing-it out there in the chilly evening; who even hadn’t been fed! No wonder they were pleased to see you turn up – an exemplary display of thoughtfulness.

  5. RJ says:

    Good on you Aussies! We rely so heavily on our emergency services when we need them, but they are only human and have to be looked after too, to make sure they perform at their very best!

    All the best to the abseiler. Hope he makes a full recovery!

    Keep it up!
    UK PBCC RRT Member.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Tks RJ!

      You chaps do a great job over there also!

      Cheers from Down Under,
      Katoomba AUS PBCC RRT Member.

  6. granny says:

    My! This is different again!
    And the RRT giving up their Sunday evening to bring a bit of welcome relief to the rescue team. Superb!
    Those rescue chaps risk their own lives for others and they deserve all the encouragement and help they can get. But I bet they don’t often get this sort of service!!

  7. Ranonymous says:

    Awesome! Cool! Good on ya! Quick thinking to be in the right place at the right time! That’s what its all about!

    1. Bob says:

      That is a great account Guys, we appreciate the hard work the emergency people put in and it is good to hear that they still get some “practical support” FOC, even in these difficult times.
      is there any way that we can contribute towards your costs?

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