AU – RRT Supports the Master Plan Project in Shorewell Park TAS May 2016

The Master Plan project, based in Tasmania, is about coming up with realistic ideas that can help make Shorewell Park a great place to live. Shorewell Park is a suburb of Burnie, originally created as an area of social housing, for those in the lower-income demographic. The Plan is being developed over the next few months, but will be used over the coming years to help make things happen in Shorewell Park.


Housing Choices Tasmania is preparing the Plan but it is the effort, energy, and funding from lots of different organisations and individuals that will make sure that the Plan really makes a difference.

On the 14th of May, 2016, RRT supported the event by providing sausages in bread for the local community.


At around 10am, the RRT team turned up on site and began setting up. Everyone busied themselves, and soon the marquee, with tables laden with sausages and bread, tea, coffee, and hot chocolate was buzzing.

By noon, the first locals arrived. The hot drinks were a real favourite, as it was a cold day.


On the side, a basketball game was arranged, and between bites of sausages in bread, numerous shots were scored.

By 2pm, it was time to pack up. Everyone there will agree that it was a great day out, supporting the local community.