AU – RRT supports the Bravehearts 777 Marathon in 5 States June-July 2016

Perth 27th June 2016

Bravehearts 777 embarked on the mission to run 7 marathons, in 7 states, in 7 Days – Australia’s biggest run to protect AUSSIE kids!

It was absolutely exhilarating that RRT Perth could be involved in this brilliant event for such a worthy cause, protecting the future of Australia and indeed the world by protecting our children.


The kick off in Perth started at 7am on Monday the 27th of June. You could not have asked for a better morning, in South Perth overlooking the Swan River towards Perth City with the sun rising in the background and bitterly cold which was a great incentive to run!

RRT provided 12 boxes of water for the day to keep everyone hydrated. The runners finished between 11am and 1pm and were all greeted with a fantastic RRT classic burger.


As the runners boarded their buses for the trip to the airport to fly to the next destination and another run the next day, RRT volunteers cleaned their equipment and packed up wishing the runners well and their fellow RRT team members at the next destination.

Adelaide 28th June 2016

The courageous athletes from all across the country completed their 2nd marathon in Adelaide, following their late night arrival from Perth. Moving on to Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra, Kingscliff and the Gold Coast throughout the week, they lay it all on the line to give hope to the AUSSIE kids enduring their own personal marathons.

The 6 Adelaide Rapid Relief Team volunteers were captivated by the energy of the runners as they each gave it their all, with everyone finishing the full 42km run.


Founded in 1997 by Hetty Johnston, she says of the Bravehearts 777 that “it’s about taking big steps for little people, while embarking on a personal challenge that gives hope and encouragement to kids impacted by assault”


The RRT crew served 50 burgers and 300 water bottles to the runners and support crew, and everyone was very appreciative.

Melbourne 29th June 2016

Flying in the night before, participants battled through the pain barrier to run 42 klm circuit around Melbourne’s Albert Park Lake.


Bravehearts 777 are hailed as the ultimate fundraising adventure for ordinary people who want to make an extraordinary difference, raising funds to help raise awareness for child protection.


Hobart 30th June 2016

It wasn’t quite the snow-capped mountains and rain of last year, but it was still a bracing winter morning that greeted participants as they hit the ground running for the Hobart leg of the Bravehearts 777 marathon 2016.


For the second year running, RRT was engaged to provide assistance to runners, organisers and support crew.  We set up two refreshment stations along the course to supply water, energy drinks, fruit and sports gels, and a few of our volunteers even ran sections of the course with participants to keep them encouraged!

Our baristas were kept busy plying the organisers and their assistants with coffee in an attempt to keep the cold at bay.  At the conclusion of the marathon we cooked a BBQ lunch and provided fruit salad, coffee, tea and other refreshments.


Our efforts were clearly appreciated, as witness in some wonderful feedback from the Bravehearts crew:

“I personally would just like to thank you all for the massive effort RRT put in to help out the Bravehearts 777 event. The support that you provided the athletes was amazing and extremely appreciated. The support was also massively appreciated by the staff as you made my job a lot easier by not only providing food and drinks for the athletes but your cheering on of the athletes and the guys who went above and beyond in Hobart and ran with some of the runners struggling are what make this week so special. Again thank you so much for your support of the Bravehearts 777 event and I hope to see you guys back on board next year for an even bigger and better event as RRT is very much a special part of this event.”

Canberra 1st July 2016

It was one of the coldest places on earth that morning. 777 Bravehearts Marathon Runners assembled at dawn on the shores of Lake Burnley Griffin to run the 5th Marathon of the week. For many it was their 5th Marathon in 5 days, with two more to go.


The 777 Marathon is just that, 7 Marathons, 7 States, 7 Days. The event organisers are great at making sure anyone who wants to run all 7 marathons have the support services on hand to help them achieve it.

Below zero temperatures didn’t hamper the dedication of the runners but the support of the Canberra Rapid Relief Team was essential. The RRT team was there to provide hot breakfast, lunch and drinks.


Congratulations to those who ran all 7 marathons and to all participants, who endured a week of marathons that only the most dedicated and enduring can achieve and for supporting such a needy cause.

The 2016 event has raised $250,000 and Bravehearts are hoping to reach $300,000 through public support.


RRT volunteers were inspired by the very special people that make up the Bravehearts team, and the amazing resolve, selflessness and determination they show.  It was affecting to hear their stories, and to witness their passion in the great work they do – educating, empowering and protecting Australian children from sexual assault.