AU – RRT Melbourne supporting the Alfred Foundation in their promotion of Dry July 2016

When you’re diagnosed with cancer, it’s hard to find the time or energy to think about anything other than treating the cancer. By giving up alcohol for the month of July and raising funds, Dry July participants help to ease the burden, reduce stress and add a bit of comfort for those affected by cancer.


Dry July gives you the chance to also focus on yourself – analyse your own drinking habits and the value of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

The Alfred Foundation, based at The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, is a keen supporter of the Dry July movement, and organised an event to promote and get participants to sign up to Dry July.


This is where the Plymouth Brethren Rapid Relief Team (RRT) became involved. RRT Melbourne cooked Lunch for approximately 320 people who came to the event, located in the central outdoor plaza area at the Alfred Hospital. Burgers were on the menu, which were well received and enjoyed by all those that came along to support the event.


Despite the Cold wind, everyone enjoyed the day and were glad to be supporting a worthy cause.


One thought on “AU – RRT Melbourne supporting the Alfred Foundation in their promotion of Dry July 2016”

  1. Simon Salisbury says:

    Keep up the great work – help those to help others. The happy faces says it all!

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