AU – RRT Melbourne assist with a fundraiser at St Vincents July 2016

Well, this is it.  July 1 was a cold, wet and freezing Melbourne morning outside the St Vincent’s Hospital Emergency Department, where RRT set up their trailer, marquee and serving tables to feed the hungry staff and public, the sick, the disabled, the weary and the homeless.


The Emergency Department had requested that RRT help them raise funds for children they sponsor that need medical treatment in Australia and not available to them where they live.


RRT had a cheerful trio of nurses who happily stood beside them and collected monies as hungry and cold passers-by enjoyed luscious bacon, egg and cheese rolls with an assortment of condiments, or a sausage in bread with onion and a variety of sauces.

RRT had a queue waiting before they even had any food on the table and then when the food got rolling there were a number of very satisfied customers that happily came back for three and four of our delicious egg and bacon rolls.


Start-up was 10am and final servings were around 2pm.  We served 360 buns and 12 loaves of bread and had to get extra supplies of sausages, bread and plates! All up, somewhere between 800 – 900 meals were served.


The day was very successful, and when the doctors and nurses realised all proceeds were for sponsoring underprivileged children in need of medical help, they were happy to donate their change as well.  We also feed quite a few of the homeless who really appreciated the good food.


For many persons who had visited the Emergency Department, inpatients who had some free time outside, doctors, nurses and passers-by, this was a very enjoyable day and also profitable for the Emergency Department, as they raised over $2000.00.

The St Vincent Hospital Emergency Department was so impressed with the performance and the quality of food, they sent RRT a message to get details of RRT’s bank account so they could make a donation!!