AU – RRT Melbourne and Hume Relay for Life – Craigieburn, April 2016

Saturday 9th April saw Hothlyn Drive Reserve humming with the beginnings of a worldwide event – an event alive with positivity and hope for the future. An army of willing volunteers arrived early in the morning, pulling off an all-night relay filled with music, memories and optimism.


Relay for Life is coordinated in Australia by the Cancer Council, raising funds and celebrating the fundraising efforts of the past year. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are raised every year as local teams take to the track overnight (yes, they go all night and finish at breakfast) to remember those they have lost, celebrate survivors and carers, and do their bit for the future – every dollar counts!

relay-for-life-april-2016-hume-and rrt

On this particular sunny Saturday, RRT arrived with their BBQ trailer and plenteous patties and buns, to provide a free lunch for all the cheery and energetic volunteers involved in making this event possible. Organisers, early-bird walkers and band members were all well-provided with burgers and drinks on site as the event took shape. Filing past to collect their lunch, optimism positively radiated as they anticipated the night of fun (and exhaustion), ultimately contributing to relief, research and a better future.


Arriving early and leaving after the last few stragglers had popped by for a burger, the RRT members happily assisted with tent-raising and food distribution, and had the privilege to share stories with a few of the team walkers. Cancer heroes took the places of pride on shirts, banners and tents as everyone celebrated the courage of everyday fighters.

A more enthusiastic and unselfish atmosphere would assuredly be hard to find, and the RRT wishes Hume Relay for Life volunteers all the best in reaching their target of $25,000!


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