AU – RRT Ipswich support Ipswich Hospital Foundation Christmas Appeal

Children in Hospital deserve some good playground equipment!  Ipswich Hospital has a newly refurbished Children’s Ward and there is just one thing missing – a playground.  Ipswich Hospital Foundation launched a Christmas Appeal to raise funds for the Children’s Ward, with the goal of providing them with a playground and outdoor area to complete the refurbishment project.

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Ipswich Hospital Foundation advertised a celebration of the Christmas Appeal to thank the Supporters, inviting local businesses, organisations and individuals to enjoy a tour through the ward, refreshments and entertainment.  The Event also gave them the opportunity to hand out gifts in the Children’s Ward and meet other like-minded donors.

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Rapid Relief Team offered to assist at the occasion and their offer was gladly accepted. So, throughout the event, RRT distributed water bottles to the enthusiastic contributors.

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The highlight of the event for the sick children was Santa’s arrival.  They received gifts from him with bright smiles, and the nurses ensured that Santa was given a health check while he was there!

IHF were proud to announce that the Christmas Appeal had raised nearly $30,000.00 at the time of the event!


RRT members enjoyed the opportunity to show their support and look forward to assisting in further fundraising events for the Ipswich Hospital.