AU – RRT Berwick helps out again with Anti-Poverty Week Frankston May 2016

Concerns about the weather are probably the last thing on someone’s mind, if they are trying to determine whether or not they have enough money for their next meal.


Hundreds of disadvantaged, yet ordinary people, living in the Frankston region struggle every day trying to make ends meet and live life as best as they can. As the cost of living continues to rise this struggle only becomes harder.


Thursday 26th of May, The Frankston Community Food Fest was held at the community hall for Anti-Poverty Week in Frankston. Despite what the weather had to say, a bad forecast didn’t deter those keen to stretch out to help people in need.

Set up and supported by Frankston Community Support and Second Bite organisations this event provided many disadvantaged and homeless people, access to free fresh food, including bread, fruits and vegetables.


Rapid Relief Team were also glad to be able to show their support for this worthy cause. Due to bad weather preventing a BBQ from being cooked outside, volunteers turned to plan B and delivered over 100 freshly prepared gourmet meat and salad sandwiches and bottled water.

Those attending were thrilled to be treated to a free healthy sandwich or two for lunch, much to our surprise half the QTY of sandwiches and water disappeared with in the first half hour!

IMG_20160526_103723 (1)

Once again, a successful event co-coordinated by the Frankston Community Support and Frankston Council, that many people in need benefited from. It’s events like this that make sure that no one goes hungry or unaccounted for in the community setting. RRT look forward to being able to support more of these events in the future.

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  1. A friend from near by. says:

    Very good service rendered.

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