AU – RRT and the CFA Heywood Step Back event

Country Fire Authority’s ‘Step Back’ educational events are valuable tools in the community engagement process. They bring urban/grassland interface homeowners, neighbours and residents together to assess threats, likely wind/fire direction, establish Fire Plans, and identify escape routes and safer places. The events are staged among the homes that could be threatened, usually on a vacant allotment or public reserve.

CFA Heywood 1

Local CFA crews attend, with their tanker, and share their experiences and equipment features in a true community atmosphere.

Events are coordinated by trained Community Engagement Officers, who personalise the advice by locating properties on large format aerial images and conducting hands-on fire modelling with residents.

CFA is to be commended for its proactivity, and the genuine passion of its Officers.

CFA Heywood 2

Mount Gambier RRT volunteers are honoured to have worked with CFA at Step Backs in Portland, Warrnambool and Heywood so far this fire season, and help attract an audience with the mouth-watering smell of a BBQ!

CFA Heywood 3

We all hope that the next smoke column is not heading our way, but if it does, we have a plan to execute!

2 thoughts on “AU – RRT and the CFA Heywood Step Back event”

  1. Warren Grace says:

    It was great to be part of this event. Wonderful to see a proactive friendly CFA team informing local residents of the imminent dangers surrounding them and advising of the safest methods in the event of the unexpected disaster.

  2. Andy says:

    Good work guys – volunteers helping volunteers, recipe for success!

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