AU – RRT Adelaide’s monthly BBQ lunch for UCW Port Adelaide June 2016

The UCW Client Lunch is a monthly recurring event Initiated by United Care Wesley to provide for their many homeless clients and others in need. There are as many as 5,900 homeless at one time in South Australia alone, and UCW like many other charities do their share in caring for at least 1000 of these residents, providing the much needed Shelter, counselling, financial support and legal assistance they require.


UCW has at least 8 locations in South Australia. This event is held at the Port Adelaide facility which is near the Port River in the northerly suburbs of Adelaide.


Every month the Client Lunch extends from 10.30am until 2pm. Residents eagerly arrive early each time from within the surrounding suburbs to seek assistance of the UCW Staff, associate with other residents and heartily enjoy a substantial meal.


The Adelaide RRT provided their usual hamburger lunch – this time with the extra option of sausages in bread. A total of 170 meat patties, 170 hamburger rolls, 80 sausages, 7 loaves of bread and 8kg of onion were all very quickly consumed!


With over 200 attendees this time, the UCW Staff commented that this was one of the largest turnouts to this event they’d ever seen! It was clear all the residents have become well acquainted with the frequent visits of the RRT, with some coming back for 2nd & 3rd helpings of the tasty hamburgers! This regular event seems to highlight a significant point in every month which residents look forward to.


The RRT look forward to continuing to show their support for UCW and will provide 1 meal per month for the remainder of this year, concluding in November 2016.

It is encouraging to see what a difference, charities like UCW make, to the lives of so many homeless and disadvantaged persons.