AU – Kyneton RRT assist with Kyneton Soup Kitchen yet again!

The Kyneton Soup Kitchen was once again a great success, a change of location brought a fresh lot of faces and the look of appreciation told the story.


Kyneton Caring Community along with Kyneton RRT & Kyneton Baptist Church set up the venue at “Campaspe Views” and within a short period of time had attracted quite a crowd.


Approx. 90 meals were served including hamburgers, sausage-in-bread, cold drinks and of course lollies and icy poles for the kids.



This event will be held every first Friday of the month and provides a great atmosphere where families can relax and take advantage of a free feed.

One thought on “AU – Kyneton RRT assist with Kyneton Soup Kitchen yet again!”

  1. US Fan says:

    Very good cause to support – Anywhere on the globe where RRT is present, true love for mankind is expressed

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