AU – Cornerstone Breakfast Supported by Berwick RRT

Dragging yourself out of bed on a cold and wet morning and cooking breakfast may not be fun, but it is a privilege many take for granted. We don’t often take the time to consider the circumstances being otherwise.

RRT would like to take the opportunity to pay tribute to the outstanding efforts and tireless commitment of The Cornerstone Centre Pastor, Don Cameron. He passed away in March this year, after an unexpected diagnosis of liver cancer. Well respected and loved by the community, he will not be forgotten.



Preparing before sunrise, so a freshly cooked meal would be ready for the first arrivals


The egg and bacon burgers with hash browns were a hit

‎Berwick RRT have been pleased to be able to provide ongoing support to the worthy cause that Don Cameron dedicated so much time to, by supplying a regular free hot breakfast to needy people. On the wet and freezing morning of July 7th, a well-equipped RRT team arrived at 7am and began preparing the breakfast. A satisfying meal of bacon and egg burgers with hash browns and hot and cold beverages was served. ‎


Over 130 beverages were served on the cold July morning

Second and third helpings were well received, and the coffee was almost on tap for people attempting to keep warm. Cornerstone patrons all expressed their gratitude, pleasantly surprised that RRT came out to serve them in the rain. ‎


The clientele appreciated the warm breakfast and the chance for a laugh

Imagine being faced with the harsh reality of exposure to the unforgiving elements and a makeshift bed in the shelter of a shopping centre or alley. In the morning you need to go in search of a meagre breakfast to fill the void in your stomach. ‎Sadly, there are too many disadvantaged and homeless that suffer these hardships. Most have come from living ordinary lives and simply fallen on hard times. Their circumstances have fallen apart, they lose the security of their homes and are forced onto the street.

Due to lack of employment opportunities, housing and a rise in substance abuse, Dandenong has become one of Victoria’s regions with the highest homeless rate. Since 1992, The Cornerstone Contact Centre has gone the extra mile in meeting the needs of the many homeless and disadvantaged citizens in this region.  Opening their doors to anyone searching for warmth and shelter, they provide a variety of programs including meals from Wednesday through to Sunday.

The burgers were warm and filling, and much appreciated!

The burgers were warm and filling, and much appreciated!