AU – Brisbane RRT Cooks for Great Australian Bike Ride, Supporting SIDS & Kids

The Great Australian Bike Ride adventure is an annual event, created in support of the SIDS and Kids Organisation QLD. SIDS and Kids supports families who have suffered the death of a child, as well as research to reduce the likelihood of this tragic event. Originally developed to support families who have lost children unexpectedly and inexplicably, the organisation has expanded to help all families who have experienced the loss of a child.

The people who participate in the Great Australian Bike Ride commit to 3 weeks of gruelling and demanding motorbike riding across the varied landscapes of Australia, from one side of the country to the other.

This year, the ride commenced at Australia’s most easterly point, Cape Byron Bay, NSW on 6th August 2016. From there the team embarked on a journey through the Outback, broken into four stages: –

Stage 1- Byron to Birdsville – 6th August – 11th August – 6 day,

  • Stage 2 – Birdsville to Alice Springs – 12th August – 15th August – 4 day
  • 2 Rest Days in Alice Springs
  • Stage 3 – Alice Springs to Laverton – 18th August – 22nd August – 5 day
  • Stage 4 – Laverton to Steep Point – 22nd August – 26th August – 5 day

A map of the epic ride

21 days and 7500km later, the participants finally reached their goal; Steep Point, Western Australia. Their combined efforts were successful, as together they raised $70,800.00 to support the ongoing work of the SIDS  and Kids organisation.


Some of the well travelled bikes

Following a successful catering experience last year, RRT Brisbane were again asked to provide a meal at the SIDS and Kids cheque presentation night, a great opportunity to show our thanks to both the participants of the Great Australian Bike Ride, and SIDS and Kids for the wonderful support they offer to the community.


RRT was delighted to provide free catering for the event

After the RRT served the food there was an opportunity to talk to the attendees about both the ride itself and about the experiences of families who were represented and have received support from SIDS & Kids. It was a privilege to see the memorial garden; and speak to the founders of the SIDS & Kids QLD Division, who themselves tragically lost a little boy approximately 30 years ago.


Volunteers, Riders and Families enjoyed the opportunity to mingle

Both the SIDS & Kids team & the Great Australian Bike Ride team thanked the RRT and echoed our hope that we will work together on charitable causes in the future.


RRT with some of the attendees