A day of food and music at Ozanam, Melbourne

In Australia, a nation with one of the highest living standards in the world, it is possible to overlook the fact that there are many who do not have a bed to sleep in and may not know where their next meal will come from. It is possible to think of such homelessness or disadvantage as applying in another country or far away, when in fact it is are in our own city and our own area.

Clients enjoying their meal and the music

Clients enjoying their meal and the music

St Vincent de Paul, now known as Vincentcare, has for many years provided support and care for such in Day Centres and in accommodation facilities. Ozanam Community Centre in North Melbourne is one of this group, a Day Centre with staff that excel in supporting Melbourne’s disadvantaged, across all ages.


Preparation of over 200 hamburgers!

Preparation of over 200 hamburgers!

On 24th April 2015, the RRT assisted the Community Centre by providing a full hot lunch to feed approximately 200 people at the Ozanam Centre. Arriving at around 10.00am with trailer fully equipped with barbecue facilities and provisions, the team was set up to serve the meal at 12.00 noon. This meal included a drink, hot chips and a hamburger comprising of meat, onion, cheese, lettuce and tomato with sauces all prepared on site by an efficient team.

The serving facilities

The serving facilities

The RRT also brought their Werribee band which added a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere to all, and one of the residents joined in with his guitar and helped in the singing.

Werribee band provided the musical accompaniment

Werribee band provided the musical accompaniment

This consideration of care and thinking for one another was enjoyed by all; the Ozanam staff, the recipients and the RRT team. All went away happy and many expressions of thanks were expressed and a desire by all to do it again sometime soon.

An Ozanam client joined in with the music-making!

An Ozanam client joined in with the music-making!

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  1. Ronald McDonald says:

    Errrrr Colonel Saunders….. shouldnt u b sayin “finger lickin’ good” rather than “i’m lovin’ it”?

    Just asking.

  2. friends from Feilding says:

    R RT is catching on in NZ.—-reaching out to mankind—-the music lifts the soul! encourage all !

  3. rrt music lover says:

    gr8 job melbourne. could we have some vids or recordings of the music you did

    1. Admin says:

      Hello and thanks for your comment.
      Unfortunately there weren’t any recordings available from this event – they would have gone on the site if there were!

      Keep up the great feedback!


  4. Warwick Fletcher says:

    Good work RRT! Can we have the MP3 recordings.

  5. colonel Saunders says:

    Mmmmm, I’m lovin’ it

  6. Peter says:

    Reading through the blog it’s excellent to see how many homeless missions the RRT has supported. These people need every bit of support they get. Thanks RRT!

  7. twinkle twinkle says:

    nice work Arne, Zac, Huxley, and Laurie!

  8. Christoph G says:

    hello RRT,
    you guys do such wonderful work! keep it up 🙂
    would you be able to post some recordings, or were not any done at the time?


  9. RRT newcomer says:

    Great job helping the disadvantaged! But you haven’t posted any recordings or songs for ages – love to hear some more!

    Thank you!

  10. burger lover says:

    Those burgers look gr8! keep up the good work!

  11. RRT fan says:

    nice work RRT!! any vids or recordings of this event? pls and thanks.

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