400 called to fight Indianapolis fire

Plymouth Brethren - Indy Fire

About 11:30am on Saturday 15th June, a fire broke out in a large warehouse on the southwest side of Indianapolis. Members of the Christian Brethren’s Rapid Relief Team arrived on the scene at the same time as the first of the emergency crews, and the Fire Chief gratefully accepted their offer of support. He immediately made the arrangements necessary for the brethren to get refreshments right up to the front, where the fire fighters were coming out of the fire.

Plymouth Brethren - Indianapolis Fire

Estimated temperatures of up to 2000 degrees
The warehouse of about 440,000 square feet was storing tires, wooden pallets, shingles and other building supplies as well as propane tanks creating an extremely dangerous situation. The fire to grew rapidly and reached estimated temperatures of up to 2000 degrees.
Plymouth Brethren
Backup was called for and fire crews from surrounding stations up to 100 miles away quickly converged on the scene. Approximately 200 police officers were also called in, as they needed to evacuate the surrounding neighborhood.

Plymouth Brethren - Indianapolis Fire

The brethren worked quickly with local food stores and sandwich shops and were able to provide refreshments to keep all 400 rescue workers going.

Plymouth Brethren - Indianapolis Fire

Cold, wet towels and refreshments a welcome relief


One of the fire chiefs commented that his men were at the end of their strength coming out of the fire when they’d be met by one of the brethren, who gave them a cold wet towel, drink, sandwich and big smile. He said, “My men were coming back happy, revived and ready to fight the fire again.”
Plymouth Brethren

The fire continued burning till late Sunday evening. The RRT kept the refreshments coming throughout the night and all day Sunday, until the job was done.

Plymouth Brethren - Indianapolis Fire

Plymouth Brethren - Indianapolis Fire


RRT support was greatly appreciated by all


We had an incredible amount of positive response from the fire personnel and the police force. One of the fire fighters told us they felt God’s hand over them because we had come to help in this way, and because there were no fatalities or major injuries to any of the 200 men that went into the fire.


Here’s what one of the brothers shared after a talk with the Health and Safety Commissioner who came to the scene on Lord’s Day afternoon…


“Thanks for the excellent teamwork. As the Chief of Health and Safety just expressed to us — it has not gone unnoticed — he expressed a sincere heartfelt gratitude for what was done. He said he was profoundly affected by the Spirit of Jesus portrayed in the last 24 hours in that they had only minor injuries and no deaths in such an extensive fire and had such a coordinated and dedicated effort to refresh the troops. He was not only appreciative of the refreshments and service, but was thankful to the Lord for the outshining of Christianity portrayed.”

Plymouth Brethren - Indianapolis Fire



18 thoughts on “400 called to fight Indianapolis fire”

  1. penny wilson says:

    Well I was reading the book recently on the Buncefield disaster in England (put together by brethren incidentally) and you get some impression of what firemen have to do in these situations. Rightly so to comment that God is over the situation when there are no lives lost.

    1. penny wilson says:

      What moderation would you like to receive?! I am not very computer literate and do not know what a CAPTCHA is

    2. Admin 2 says:

      A CAPTCHA is a type of challenge-response test used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human.

  2. Jim says:

    awesome organisation to get to the scene as quick as the fire department with all their equipment as well! Keep it up.

  3. Mr says:

    Awesome work RRT! I think the responses from the emergency teams tell the tell the whole story. Absolutely fantastic that there are people like the RRT around.

    Keep it up! 🙂 🙂

  4. asktwice says:

    hey, not bad, they were pretty quick as well, got there the same time as the fire department. i’m impressed.

  5. Bob says:

    Terrific – the emergency teams deserve our full support and it is great to see people prepared to sacrifice time and money to back them up in a practical way. every unselfish person would applaud the RRT.

    1. ginger ale says:

      agree with you there bob! there is definitely a lot of sacrifice that goes in to being an emergency worker, more than any of us ever imagine….. this is just a simple way for the PBCC to show gratitude and support them!

  6. candy floss says:

    well done! i completely agree with AJ, it is very affecting to know the responses from the emegency people, and that you will always be remembered as you keep up the good work.

  7. Rina says:

    that’s is excellent work from you brethren guys! I work for a brethren company and absolutely admire your efforts, support and decency.

    1. Mr Fanstastic says:

      So do I – absolutely fantastic

  8. Egbirt says:

    Great work! Just a question, was that 2000 degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit?

    1. mum says:

      probably fahrenheit as it is in America??

    2. Egbirt says:

      Yeah well I thought that…just wouldn’t mind some clarification as there is a big difference! 2000 degrees F is ~ 1090C, but 2000C is approx. 3600F!

    3. Celcius says:

      Celcius – just joking

  9. cinnamon says:

    Awesome job guys!! i have no doubt God’s hand was over it all… I can imagine it felt great to be able to help out! And it would have made a difference to the fire fighters to see smiles in the midst of all that – very thankful there was no fatalities or major injuries. I know you all would have done a great job and would do it again no problem 🙂

  10. AJ says:

    This is a great work! make sure you keep it up,
    it is trully affecting to here the responces of the fire fighters ect.
    im sure they are all affected by the generousity of the enormous giving.
    now that you have started with this, do not give up as it will mean a lot more to the emergency personel if you keep it up.

    1. Leanne says:

      Hello AJ,
      Came across a comment by Karl on the Calgary Floods page. “Quote- These guys have been around for years, normally keep a low profile , but do they make things happen. We experienced huge flooding on our property back in the 1990, This Brethren group were the first to offer help,…..” To see the rest of his comment, follow this link. https://www.theplymouthbrethren.org/news-views/severe-flooding-in-calgary-and-southern-alberta/ Obviously a lot happens that is not ‘advertised’. It was 23 years ago Karl was referring too!

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